Social Media is alive and well in Orlando!

I have just returned from a fun filled 6 day family vacation and rest assured…Internet Marketing and Social Media is alive and well in Orlando, Florida.  For those of you who may think that Social Media for your business is just a “fad” let me share with you some FUN FACTS about what I experienced and observed during this time away from home…

FUN FACT #1: Read ’em and Weep

Before I even left the state of Massachusetts, I went online to research my hotel options.  I chose my hotel based on Reviews & Ratings by actual hotel guests.  It is very important to choose a hotel based on recent visits because many hotels undergo renovations and upgrades as well as policy changes.  Going online to research what recent hotel guests have to say can help assure that you know what to expect.

The results…the hotel we chose was just a fantastic as the recent reviews said it would be.  The online photos of the pool and interior of the hotel were accurate and up to date.  Our room was clean and had a great view of the resort. 
I feel that we got what we paid for – I am glad I spent the time online before I booked! 

FUN FACT #2: Know Before You Go

Find out about the area attractions before your arrive.  Believe it or not, you can receive up to the minute details and info from FACEBOOK for many family attractions.  Facebook Fans, if allowed, can post real-time information about their visit.  I found Facebook to be invaluable for information about best times to visit, when to see exhibits during the day or night, and for general attraction updates.  Many times visitors will even upload their own videos so you can actually SEE what things look like for real! 

IMAGINE THIS…Seaworld Orlando uses Facebook to connect on a personal level with it’s visitors. (  Fans of the Seaworld page actually got a chance to NAME the last Killer Whale born in their park.  Baby Makaio was born 5 months ago and was actually named by Seaworld Facebook Fans.  Seaworld makes sure to mention Facebook and it’s Facebook Fans in every of  one of their Shamu performances.  Still think Social Media is a “fad”???

FUN FACT #3: Feed Your Fans

Finally, one of the most amazing facts I learned was that Social Media is being used by just about every business imaginable in Orlando.  EVERYONE wants to stay connected with you – the guest – the patron – the visitor – whatever you want to call yourself.  For example, on the JetBlue flight during take off the TV screen invited me to connect with JetBlue on it’s Facebook page.  On the menus of EVERY restaurant we dined in, they had a Facebook, Twitter, and Blog icon at the bottom of each page.  At the “Kids Danceparty” in Downtown Disney, the DJ was taking photos and telling everyone he would be “tweeting and updating Facebook” with the images.  I kid you not! 

What does this all mean to YOUR business?  It means Social Media for business is real.  It is the way you will connect with your customers and clients.  It is the way we will ALL be doing business in the very near future.

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