Change phone…Change email…Oh! The pain!

Recently I decided to “upgrade” my phone to a more up to date handset.  I am all but surgically attached to my cell phone and my 5-year-old Blackberry just wasn’t cutting it anymore (sorry BB…I still love you!).  I researched my options and ultimately decided to go with a DROID.

Since my phone is linked to Google I also had to create a new email account.  I never realized how incredibly painful it can be to move your virtual business from one phone to another and from one email account to another.  Oh the pain!

Tips and tricks I learned that may be useful if you are considering this crazy idea for yourself:

1. BACK UP BACK UP BACK UP: and I mean that.  Back up your database on your phone and your email.  If you are moving your contacts from one phone type to another try saving your database as a .CSV file.  It is very flexible and can be uploaded into almost any device. 

2. Clean Your Contacts: You can view that .CSV in EXCEL before you upload it into your shiny new device or your untarnished, spam free new email account.  That way you can get rid of your best friends college cell phone number that she had 5 years ago and the email that your cousin in California no longer uses.  Starting fresh is a beautiful thing!

3. Don’t Make The Change During the Work Week:  Found this one out the hard way!  Schedule time to make the change.  You will be learning both your new device and how to navigate your new email.  Doing this during the work week will only make you frustrated, it will make you very unproductive.  TRUST ME!

4. Read The Manual: Seriously!  Read the “How-to’s” and the “Useful Tips & Tricks” that come with your new products and services.  Even if you think you know it all I can guarantee you will learn something new that will make your life easier and save you time.

Chris Pierce


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