Fall Business Tip | Turn Your Blog Into A Marketing Plan

One of the great advantages of a FREE WordPress.com blog is the ease in which you can turn your blogs into other formats of communication such as email campaigns.  There a several ways to do this.

The first way is simple….

1.  Pick a wordpress.com template that has an email “Sign Up” widget.

Some examples of templates that include this widget are VIGILANCE and TWENTY TEN.

2.  Encourage your existing customers and clients to subscribe to your blog via the widget on your blog.  If you already have permission to email these customers, you can manually add them one at a time.  Each client will receive an email confirming that they do indeed want to subscribe to your blog.

It’s that simple.  Each time you create a new post on your blog your subscribers will receive that post in their inbox.  What could be easier than that?

The second way to do this is through an email campaign service such as MailChimp (which is also free, BTW).  Your free wordpress.com blog comes pre-formatted with an RSS Feed (myblog.wordpress.com/feed).  MailChimp allows you to market to your existing customers via an RSS campaign.  If you have an email LIST with MailChimp you simply need to set up a new campaign that automatically generates emails each time you create a new post on your blog.


Each time you create a new blog post you will also be creating content for your email campaign.  No need to duplicate efforts!

If you would like help with setting up email campaigns or creating blogs, please feel free to contact us at info@inreachmedia.org.



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