LinkedIn Profile Update You Can’t Live Without

Keeping your social media and digital profiles up to date is one of the most important things to stay on top of in 2012.  January is a great time to review ALL of your digital profiles such as:

Facebook (Personal & Business Page)
Google Profile (Google +)
Your Blog Profile
Email Signatures

And any other digital PROFILES that you may have created for your industry.

Key things to update:

  • Facebook direct links
  • Newsletter sign up link
  • Mobile #
  • Email
  • web/blog address
  • Your SKILLS!!  People want to know what you specialize in and what you are good at.

One of the best places to update your skill set is on your LinkedIn profile.  Whether you are looking for a job, changing careers, or looking to generate business for your current position, adding SKILLS to your linked in profile makes you more visible.  Here’s how to do it:

Adding, Editing or Deleting Skills on Your Profile

How do I manage the skills on my profile?

Last Updated: 11/22/2011

You can add, edit or delete a skill from the Skills section on your Edit Profile page. Maintaining a relevant list of skills on your profile will help others to understand your strengths and match you with the right opportunities.

If you don’t have the “Skills” section you’ll need to add one first:

  1. Click Profile at the top of your home page and then click Add Section under the profile overview box.
  2. Under “Sections”, scroll down and click Skills.
  3. Click Add to Profile.

To add, edit, or delete skills in your “Skills” section:

  1. Click Profile at the top of your home page and scroll down to the Skills section.
  2. Click the Edit link. You can type the name of a skill, edit existing skills, or click the X next to a skill to delete it.
  3. Click Add Skills to save your changes.

You can also add a skill from the Skills page. Search for your skill or expertise, and then click the Add Skillsbutton.


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