Your Timeline is Coming!

As you may all know TIMELINES for Facebook Business Pages are being turned on for everyone on March 30th.  What does this mean?  It means that the standard format that we have all JUST gotten used to on our business pages is changing once again.  I was slightly annoyed myself when I heard about the impending change.  Since updating my own business page I have started to see the light!

What to look forward to with the new change:

  • Increased ability to market your business
  • More graphic displays to brand your business
  • Messaging directly through your business profile
  • Better way to access and display applications running on your business page adding functionality to your page
  • More tools to track your pages impact on your target market

Be aware that after the change on the 30th you will need to reformat several elements of your page including choosing a COVER IMAGE.

If you need help with these changes feel free to contact iN REACH MEDIA directly at or .

Here’s a look at the visual changes:



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