Your Social Media Checklist | A Small Business Guide

Now that the summer market is in full swing, getting your social networks up to date and connected with your customer base is more important than ever.  Below is a checklist of SIMPLE tasks that can help you easily market yourself on your professional networks.

1. Update your contact information on ALL networks AND email signatures.

Have you recently changed email providers?  Did you begin using Google Products such as Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs?  Did you change mobile service providers has your cell # changed?  Do you now have a texting plan?

Make sure you have updated your contact info on each network you manage.  Make it CLEAR to potential clients that you can be contacted via mobile #, text, email, facebook messaging, etc…    Be sure to include this information on all of your email signatures (computer and mobile devices).  The easier you make it for potential customers to contact your the more business you are going to get.

2. Create a Google Profile

Build out your Google Profile to reflect your current area of expertise, target market, and up to date contact info.  Google profile results are shown at the top of Google searches.  Google is still the #1 search engine.  Make sure your business information is included in Google search results.

3. Does your industry provide reviews and ratings for your consumer base?

For example, the real estate industry provides services that enable consumers to review and rate a REALTOR’s performance on different sites such as Incredible Agents.  If you industry provides a similar service to the consumer base, be sure to visit these sites and monitor what the public is saying about you.  Make sure that your contact and business information is accurate on these sites.  Your local Better Business Bureau can also help consumers find out more about your business reputation.  Contact them to see how they can help.

4. Update your LinkedIn account

Consumers WILL search for you on LinkedIn.  It is the #1 Business and Professional network.  Make sure to keep it updated.  LinkedIn is designed to work like your digital resume.  Keep it updated, current, accurate and use the profile wizard to be sure you are not missing any key elements of LinkedIn.

5. Add Social Media

Once you have gotten a handle on your digital profile and contact information begin adding social media to your business marketing.  Social Media marketing is a commitment.  If you are not willing to commit to marketing yourself on a regular basis using Social Media it’s best to leave it out.  For example, businesses that create a facebook business page, post to it for 2 weeks, then do nothing more will die on the social media vine.  If you are willing to put in the time Social Media can be an invaluable tool to your marketing efforts.

Marketing Resources for Small Business

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  1. I am not sure I agree with the need for a Google profile. Ideally Google search utilizes content based algorithms. In other words the search criteria for Google is all about how relevant your content is to the search terms. There are some ways to “cheat” that with SEO tactics, but Google is becoming more and more about content driven results.

    I would say that simply increasing your web presence via Social Media, with a home base to direct your audience to (IE Website) is more important.

    What do you think?

    1. I think it’s hard enough for small business owners to manage their digital marketing. If Google profiles can increase their online visibility…I say go for it! It’s one of the easiest profiles to set up and manage if you are a gmail/google user. And yes, I agree that increasing your web presence via social media and implementing a website is important…but it takes commitment and time. Starting with the basics will give business owners the ability to have ‘some’ presence and still look professional.

      Thank you for your response!!!

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