Promoted Posts on Facebook

Facebook rolled out a major change to PAGES this week. “Promoted posts are a simple way to reach more of the people who like your Page and their friends. Visit your Page to try promoting a post.  Every business has different goals, and we encourage you to promote posts when you’d like to reach a greater number of the people who like your Page and their friends.”  What this means is that even though you have “LIKED” a page and are a regular follower, you may not see that page’s updates in your newsfeed.  You would have to visit that page directly.  Here’s what to do to help work around this issue:

If you are a Facebook user, please visit the page directly that you would like to see in your newsfeed and do to the following.
a) Mouse over the “LIKE” button even if you have already liked the page  
b) Make sure the “SHOW IN NEWSFEED” option is checked.  This may help to ensure that you continue to see the page’s posts in your newsfeed even if they are not promoted. 
Time will tell if this will really work…but for now, it’s the best option you have.  If you are the ADMIN of your own business page, please send the same instructions to your followers.  Also, remember to include this step when you are asking new followers to “LIKE” your page.  This change has not rolled out to ALL pages yet.  You may still have time to alert all of your current followers.
Watch the Video
If you would like to use the Post Promotion feature to generate more visibility for your page’s posts, you can set a budget similarly to the way you set up Facebook Ads.  To find out more about Promoted Posts and how to use them to market your page on Facebook, visit this link below:
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly at .

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