Fall Business Tip

Electronic Signatures vs. Digital Signatures | Know the difference

All e-Signatures are NOT the same.  There is a big difference between an electronic signature and a digital signature.  When navigating this new world of digital documents it is important to understand the differences.  Here is a quick guide to help you decide which is best for you:

Digital Signatures

A digital signature is a type of electronic signature that offers more security than a traditional electronic signature. When you sign a document with a digital signature, the signature links a “fingerprint” of the document to your identity. Then that information is permanently embedded into the document, and the document will show if someone comes in and tries to tamper with it after you’ve signed it.

Because that information is embedded in the document, you don’t need to check back with the vendor if you want to verify that the signature is still secure. That’s a big benefit if you don’t want to be tied down to one vendor over the life of your documents.

On top of that, more countries around the world accept digital signatures because they comply with international standards for security. (More from Wikipedia)

Electronic Signatures

Electronic signatures are popular because they are easy to use. Customers can sign documents online with a click of the mouse or by using their fingers to trace a handwritten signature onto a document.

The downfall of electronic signatures is that they aren’t regulated like digital signatures are. It’s up to each vendor to make their own standards, and you have to take their word for it when they say their signatures are secure.

In fact, electronic signatures don’t have the secure coding that digital signatures have. That technology is what links the signature to the signer’s identity and to the time the document was signed. Essentially, electronic signatures are an image placed on the document, but they can’t show if someone tampers with the document after it is signed.

Another drawback of electronic signatures is the fact that many vendors require you to check back with them if you’d like to know if your document has been tampered with. That means if you decide to change to a different vendor, you could lose those signatures that are stored on the vendor’s server. (More from Wikipedia)

Resources: Docusign, docusign ink, google docs scribble, Dotloop


Fall Business Tip | Are You Mobile?

WordPress.com users…did you know that you have specific settings in your theme that allow you to enable or customize your blog for Mobile Viewers?  Google reports that there are 4 times more MOBILE users surfing the internet this year than there were last year.  Make sure your theme is optimized for MOBILE users.  This includes iPad users.  Some themes even have special settings for the iPad.

To customize your mobile/iPad settings go to Dashboard/Appearance/Mobile or Dashboard/Appearance/iPad.


Fall Business Tip | Turn Your Blog Into A Marketing Plan

One of the great advantages of a FREE WordPress.com blog is the ease in which you can turn your blogs into other formats of communication such as email campaigns.  There a several ways to do this.

The first way is simple….

1.  Pick a wordpress.com template that has an email “Sign Up” widget.

Some examples of templates that include this widget are VIGILANCE and TWENTY TEN.

2.  Encourage your existing customers and clients to subscribe to your blog via the widget on your blog.  If you already have permission to email these customers, you can manually add them one at a time.  Each client will receive an email confirming that they do indeed want to subscribe to your blog.

It’s that simple.  Each time you create a new post on your blog your subscribers will receive that post in their inbox.  What could be easier than that?

The second way to do this is through an email campaign service such as MailChimp (which is also free, BTW).  Your free wordpress.com blog comes pre-formatted with an RSS Feed (myblog.wordpress.com/feed).  MailChimp allows you to market to your existing customers via an RSS campaign.  If you have an email LIST with MailChimp you simply need to set up a new campaign that automatically generates emails each time you create a new post on your blog.


Each time you create a new blog post you will also be creating content for your email campaign.  No need to duplicate efforts!

If you would like help with setting up email campaigns or creating blogs, please feel free to contact us at info@inreachmedia.org.

Fall Business Tip | Socially Designed

I am quite sure you are all aware of the MANY new changes on Facebook these days.  These changes even made national news…   I must admit, as frustrating as these changes may have been, there are some extremely valuable tools now available to you when marketing yourself on your Facebook business pages and integrating with your business website.

Facebook has made pages a priority.  You will notice that each time you visit you page, there will be helpful tips and techniques served to you to make your page more interactive.  Take the time to browse these tips…you may find them extremly useful.

Facebook Core Concepts › Social Design This is one of the tips that I clicked on.  I found this pretty insightful.

Fall Business Tip | Mobile Technology Know How

We are all well aware that mobile technology is quickly becoming a necessary tool for doing business…and well, for getting things done!  Getting just about ANYTHING done.  I am sure many of you have made a dinner reservation with your smartphone or booked a hotel with your iPad.  We are busy and the more we can get done on the run…the better.

I have recently been introduced to a number of new resources for keeping up to date on the lastest MUST haves in mobile technology.  Take a look for yourself and see if any of these new tools can help you in business or your day to day life.

Video Reviews and Updates of the latest Products:

“building43 is a community and video site that Rackspace supports. We go to the people and companies who are doing the best innovation, both in business, and on the Internet, and bring them here. ”

“ProgrammableWeb gets you the latest on what’s new and interesting with mashups, Web 2.0 APIs, and the Web as Platform. It’s a directory, a news source, a reference guide, a community.”

Featured Product:

Siri – The Personal Assistant on your Phone

Perhaps the biggest surprise in today’s Apple announcements is that the voice command feature, widely anticipated since the largest mashup acquisition ever, is keeping the name “Siri.” The newest version of Apple’s iOS for iPhone and iPad will include the features of the voice command iPhone app that some called the “ultimate mashup.”