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5 Ways to Jump Start Your Business in 2014

We are well in to the new year…and it’s winter.  If you find that your business has slowed down recently now might be the BEST time to jump start your marketing and business building.  Here are 5 easy ways to get you going:

1.  Learn how to use that iPad | Tablet | Smart Phone | Notebook that you got for Christmas.

Mobile is the THEME of 2014.  Whether you are accessing information or generating it…you need to know how to work with your mobile devices.  It’s that important!  Take the time now to read the online tutorials, browse the help files, and learn how to do your every day business tasks on your mobile device.  YouTube is a GREAT resource for figuring out how to do just about anything.  YouTube it if you don’t find the answer in your manual.  The best way to approach working with your mobile device?  Begin by attempting to complete the every day tasks that you do on your computer.  When you hit a stumbling block, look up the “how to”.  Make sure that you can access your contacts, email, and important social networks that you use to market yourself via your device.

Resources: iPad/Mac Support  |  Samsung  Support  |  Microsoft Support

2. Clean out your contacts.

A lull in business is the BEST time to clean out and organize your contact database.  Your database is the bread and butter of your business.  It makes you money and it should be a finely tuned tool.  The more organized your database the more efficient you are at your job.  Create groups for your contacts, update birthdays and business milestone dates, make sure all contacts have an UP TO DATE email address.  Email addresses allow you to easily stay in touch and share valuable information with your clients.  They are the keys to the kingdom.

While you are at it, clean up your Facebook friend list, your twitter followers, and your LinkedIn connections.


3.  Update your marketing.

Make sure your website is the best that it can be.  Are you using your website to generate new content and send newsletters automatically?  If not, then your website is NOT up to date.  Do your marketing materials seem dated or do they contain inaccurate information about old business practices?   Do your business cards have your Twitter handle on them?  No?  Time to update those as well.  Check it all…social media sites, email signatures, printed materials, invoices, etc…  Anything that goes out to your clients either on paper or digitally – it should reflect the new year.

4.  Organize your files.

Is your computer loaded with old photos, multiple versions of documents from 2010, incomplete or abandoned projects? Time to get that tool cleaned out or upgraded.  I don’t recommend rushing out and purchasing a new home computer if the one you have is working properly.  I DO recommend cleaning it up and running some simple diagnostic tools to get it to it’s optimal performance.   If your computer is glitchy, has constant pop ups and seems beyond repair it may be time to upgrade.

Resources: Windows Disk Clean Up  | Mac OS Disk Support

5. Learn a new tool.  Pick ONE.

Now there are more FREE and low cost business tools online than ever before.  Now is the best time to pick one, learn it, and implement it into your business.  Tools like Evernote, Mailchimp, Google Drive, and Survey Monkey are all designed for you to connect and interact with your customers easily.  They also help you be more productive.  Just pick ONE new tool to begin with.  If you try to learn several at the same time it may become difficult to put them to use.  You could become overwhelmed.  Selecting one will give you a feeling of accomplishment once you have it mastered.


Featured Small Business Tool | Google Contacts

This months Feature Small Business Tool is Google Contacts.  Why are Google Contacts GREAT?  Because this application can act as your client database, it comes with your GMAIL account for FREE, it syncs with your smartphone/tablet/iPad, and because you can access it from any computer or device no matter where you are.


Google Contacts has many of the same features that some of the more costly client databases have.  For example, Google Contacts includes features like contact notes, contact dates, custom fields, multiple phone numbers/email addresses, postal address, contact photo, contact groups, calendar and email integration.

Favorite Feature #1: NOTES


Notes allows you to keep track of all of your contact activities and tasks.  Notes are fully searchable within Google Contacts.  You can add just about anything you want to to the notes field.

Favorite Feature #2: Custom Contact Info


The custom contact info allows you to add title and company information as well as a contact photo and contact group.  All of these features sync with your devices so you can quickly identify your contacts when they call or when you call them.

Favorite Feature #3: Custom Contact Fields


The Custom Fields feature allows you to add any field of information for a contact that you might need.  You can add a “to-do” task date (dates sync with your Google Calendar), custom phone fields, custom email fields, or any kind of field that you might need to make Google Contacts work as your client database.

For more information about Google Contacts, use this link:

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

Get Organized | 5 Essential Tools to Get the Job Done this Spring

It’s that time of year again!  You have the bug to get organized and get your business in order.  Now is the PERFECT time to take advantage of free tools that will help you stay more organized and more productive.

Here are a few tools that I have adopted into my business recently that I just can’t imagine living without.  Some you may have heard of already…now is the time to use them!

  1. CamScanner

    Hands down this is one of the BEST mobile apps for business to have on your mobile devices.  Quickly and EASILY make multi-page PDF files from ANY photo taken with your devices camera.  This app optimized text in documents, trims and enhances images before converting, and is FREE.  Get it!!Example: Take a photo of any paper document and convert it to a digital format that you can email, upload, and share instantly.iPhone/iPad:


    I have posted this one before.  Now, more than ever, conversations and client connections are becoming more virtual.  Conferencing and screen sharing simply has to become part of your business model. lets you phone conference and screen share for FREE.  I have used this app to solve technical issues, walk someone through a new tool, and to show someone how to use my website.No download necessary.  Simply visit and get started
  3. Mailchimp
    Want to easily send newletters on a regular basis to your clients? OR give potential clients the opportunity to find out more about you while capturing their information?  Use Mailchimp.  This system lets you create newsletters from predesigned templates for FREE.  You can also create newsletters directly from your blog posts – automatically!  There is a bit of a learning curve but once you have it down there is no going back!
  4. Twitter
    If you haven’t thought about using Twitter for your business, you should thing about it now.  As a tool to distribute quick, short bursts of information Twitter is invaluable.  Many busy people have jumped ship from Facebook to Twitter…make sure you are connecting with those potential clients!  Do your research and learn how to use HASHTAGS.
  5. Google Plus Profiles
    Are you a Gmail user?  If you are, did you know your Google Plus profile can act as a business card between you and the people you email?  It can.  Fill out your Google Plus profile with your business information including ALL of your contact information.  You will be surprised how many people will comment on what you do for a living after you do!

Google Contacts and Your Mobile Devices

Did you know that Google contacts can act as your contact database across devices?  You can seamlessly sync and manage contacts added to your Google Contacts account on ALL of your mobile devices.  Here’s how:

1. Log in to the desktop version of Google Contacts

2. Organize your contacts into groups making sure that they are all added to the main DEFAULT group “My Contacts”.  You can organize your contacts even more by applying additional groups to individual contacts.  *Contacts in filed under “OTHER Contacts” will not show up or sync on additional devices.  You must add them to “My Contacts”.

3. Add your Gmail account to your mobile devices.

4.  To add a syncing Gmail account to an Android device simply add the Gmail address to your phone accounts.  Make sure that you check the box that says “Sync Contacts” under the Sync settings of that account. *If you do NOT want to share photos taken with your Android device with your Google Account make sure “Sync Photos” is UNCHECKED.

5.  To add a syncing Gmail account to an iOS device your MUST add the Gmail address as a CardDAV account.  If you do not, contacts will NOT sync with that device.  INSTRUCTIONS HERE  *CardDAV is a recent feature added to Gmail for syncing devices.  Any device previously using EXCHANGE to sync contacts will still function however after Jan. 30, 2013 NEW devices syncing with Gmail must use CardDAV.



That’s it!  It is pretty simple.  Don’t forget to use ALL the features that come with your Google Contacts including Notes, custom fields, and birthdays.  Google Contacts can be a fully functional database for you to use at home and for business.

To find out more feel free to contact iN REACH MEDIA directly at

3 Google Tools Your Small Business Needs Now

Google is making a push to get on the business bandwagon in the social media space.  Google Plus Business pages launched earlier this year, Google Drive is being rolled out as we speak, and along with the announcement of Google Events last week Google is off to a running start.  Although Google still does not compete with Facebook in number of users, for small businesses its products are worth a look.

Since Google products are so closely tied to Google Search, including your business info, events, and social posts could potentially reach a broad range of Google product users.  And let’s be honest, all of these tools are still FREE…if you are a small business owner your best bet is to take advantage of “free” whenever you can.  As always Google products are mobile friendly.  In some cases Google can even be MORE mobile friendly than Facebook.

Below are some examples of uses of these new Google products for your business:

Google Plus Business Pages:  “Google+ pages help you build deeper relationships with customers by sharing your thoughts, links, photos and promotions with the right people at the right times. For example you can offer a behind-the-scenes look at your product team in action or highlight a unique sale or promotion.”

There are lots of ways to promote your site and Google+ page. Promote it yourself with Google+ Direct Connect and the Google+ badge, and let others recommend you with the +1 button. Including the Google+ logo in your marketing materials, directing users to ‘Follow you on Google+’ and using other media outlets to let people know you’re on the platform are also great ways to grow your followers. Learn more about our Google+ brand guidelines.

Google Drive: (replaces Google Docs) In Google Drive, you can create new documents, spreadsheets and presentations instantly. Work together with other people in your company or with collaborative clients at the same time, on the same doc, and see changes as they appear.  Store invoices, receipts, presentations, etc. and access them on any device from ANYWHERE.  Your client needs a copy of the order invoice but you are on vacation?  No problem, access the invoice on Google Drive from your mobile device and send it to them with a click of a button.

Google Plus  Events:  Create an event and invite all of your customers with one click, seamlessly integrates with Google Calendars, Real Time sharing of event info including images and video with all attendees.  Great idea for broker open houses in real estate, grand opening of a new business, sale events, etc…

The How-Tos:

Google Plus Business Pages |How to Create a Google Plus Business Page

Google Drive | How to Set Up Google Drive

Google Plus Events | How to Create a Google Plus Event

As always, if you have any questions about what you have read feel free to contact me directly at

Chris Pierce