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Featured Small Business Tool | Google Contacts

This months Feature Small Business Tool is Google Contacts.  Why are Google Contacts GREAT?  Because this application can act as your client database, it comes with your GMAIL account for FREE, it syncs with your smartphone/tablet/iPad, and because you can access it from any computer or device no matter where you are.


Google Contacts has many of the same features that some of the more costly client databases have.  For example, Google Contacts includes features like contact notes, contact dates, custom fields, multiple phone numbers/email addresses, postal address, contact photo, contact groups, calendar and email integration.

Favorite Feature #1: NOTES


Notes allows you to keep track of all of your contact activities and tasks.  Notes are fully searchable within Google Contacts.  You can add just about anything you want to to the notes field.

Favorite Feature #2: Custom Contact Info


The custom contact info allows you to add title and company information as well as a contact photo and contact group.  All of these features sync with your devices so you can quickly identify your contacts when they call or when you call them.

Favorite Feature #3: Custom Contact Fields


The Custom Fields feature allows you to add any field of information for a contact that you might need.  You can add a “to-do” task date (dates sync with your Google Calendar), custom phone fields, custom email fields, or any kind of field that you might need to make Google Contacts work as your client database.

For more information about Google Contacts, use this link:

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Google Contacts and Your Mobile Devices

Did you know that Google contacts can act as your contact database across devices?  You can seamlessly sync and manage contacts added to your Google Contacts account on ALL of your mobile devices.  Here’s how:

1. Log in to the desktop version of Google Contacts

2. Organize your contacts into groups making sure that they are all added to the main DEFAULT group “My Contacts”.  You can organize your contacts even more by applying additional groups to individual contacts.  *Contacts in filed under “OTHER Contacts” will not show up or sync on additional devices.  You must add them to “My Contacts”.

3. Add your Gmail account to your mobile devices.

4.  To add a syncing Gmail account to an Android device simply add the Gmail address to your phone accounts.  Make sure that you check the box that says “Sync Contacts” under the Sync settings of that account. *If you do NOT want to share photos taken with your Android device with your Google Account make sure “Sync Photos” is UNCHECKED.

5.  To add a syncing Gmail account to an iOS device your MUST add the Gmail address as a CardDAV account.  If you do not, contacts will NOT sync with that device.  INSTRUCTIONS HERE  *CardDAV is a recent feature added to Gmail for syncing devices.  Any device previously using EXCHANGE to sync contacts will still function however after Jan. 30, 2013 NEW devices syncing with Gmail must use CardDAV.



That’s it!  It is pretty simple.  Don’t forget to use ALL the features that come with your Google Contacts including Notes, custom fields, and birthdays.  Google Contacts can be a fully functional database for you to use at home and for business.

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